10 Jan

Man On The Rocks Release & Format Information

OK, the time has come to fill you in on further detail regarding Man On The Rocks – the release has moved to March 3rd 2014, and you can pre-order both Standard and Deluxe versions on iTunes now. To pre-order yours, click here.

Now, additional to what you already know, (the single CD and the double vinyl edition), there are two further versions. Firstly, there is a 2-CD with a second disc of instrumental versions of the album’s tracks, housed in a handsome fold-out sleeve, just like Mike’s catalogue reissues. And then, there is the box set edition – available exclusively in the UK through mikeoldfieldofficial.com only, and elsewhere in the world through retailers. Aside from the original album, and the disc of instrumental versions, the set includes Mike’s original demos for Man On the Rocks, offering an unique view of his work-in-progress. This set will be the ONLY place these will be available. To complete the package, there are alternate mixes of four of the album’s tracks. The set comes with a 16-page CD size booklet, four art cards featuring the front and back of the sleeve and two portraits of Mike, and a certificate of authenticity. This version of the album will only be available physically. Please visit mikeoldfieldofficial.com for more information. Happy new year!

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Mike Oldfield promotion
Mike Oldfield promotion
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