11 Jul

Pre order ‚??Crises‚?? and ‚??Five Miles Out‚?? ‚?? Special Editions!

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‘Crises’ and ‘Five Miles Out’ – Special Editions available for pre-order now!

We’re delighted to announce that September 2nd sees the release of ‘Crises’ and ‘Five Miles Out’ - the latest two classics in the Mike Oldfield reissues series. Overseen by Mike himself, newly remastered and available in a tantalizing array of formats including a ‘Crises’ box set, and limited coloured vinyl, CD / DVD Deluxe Editions and more, they are – we think you’ll agree – a fantastic new insight into two of Mike’s best-loved albums. Find out more at Universal Music’s official Mike Oldfield store. Click here to find out more.



Mike Oldfield promotion
Mike Oldfield promotion
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